So........I'm graduating dive school in 4 weeks. I love the choice i've made to pursue a career in commercial diving. I may actually be more comfortable under water than I am topside. I live in NJ and would love to find work in the NY/NJ area. From what I gather there is not a wh*** lot of work to speak of due to the condition of this fabulous economy. I would love a shot at the NY dock builders union 1456, but due to the lack of work I don't know if it's even possible to get in. I'm chopping at the bit to get working regardless. After 5 months of school, i need to get back to work badly!!! I would love some feed back and advice from anyone working in the area. Thanks a lot.

Get some!!!
Brian (Red)

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Ive been looking and still found nothing around here. Next step is to look west. California ??
its so crazy that here we are surrounded by water in NJ on the east coast with all types of water ways docks and bridges and yet there is no work......
tell me about it. most places i contacted are laying off workers. told me if there was work, i would be hired. and just in case u didnt notice, the school dont help out at all.
its a little scary after taking out 25k in loans to get certified then the possibility of no work........the school......lets just say i'm ready to get back to work weather i'm diving or shoveling s*** piles untill i get dive work and the school already has my money and Tammy Brown is just loving it
Thanks man.........looks like i may need it
Look bro you have to LOVE the job to stick with it! I do I can't imagine it not being a part of my life but the fact of the matter is that when the money is good it's GREAT but when it slows down you gotta have a back up... and hire on at a few companies, when one is slow the other may back you up or vice cersa. Good luck dude!
I appreciate the support man!!! Things are a little union strong up here in the NY/NJ area. I just need a foot in the door with the union and if I have to apprentice for 4 years before I dive so be it........i'm just knocking down doors trying to get my foot in the door. Regardless I do love it and I just gotta keep my head down and keep networking.
You could do way worse than joining a union as an apprentice thats how I got started over 30 years ago. You'll have an opportunity working in the heavy construction trade, a big plus...
Having a construction trade under your belt will definitly help!
I do have a construction/labor background. I am all for the apprenticeship for the experience. There are supposed to be some big bridge jobs comming up.......I just need that lead/contact if anyone out there has a dive buddy in NY LU 1456 it would be like a dream come true!!!
i haven't checked boston out as of fiance is a tenured (spelling?) teacher in Jersey and I am trying not to screw us both at the same time
Have you tried Reicon Group out of Staten Island? or Complete diving in Staten Island. Complete Diving is 1456


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