So........I'm graduating dive school in 4 weeks. I love the choice i've made to pursue a career in commercial diving. I may actually be more comfortable under water than I am topside. I live in NJ and would love to find work in the NY/NJ area. From what I gather there is not a wh*** lot of work to speak of due to the condition of this fabulous economy. I would love a shot at the NY dock builders union 1456, but due to the lack of work I don't know if it's even possible to get in. I'm chopping at the bit to get working regardless. After 5 months of school, i need to get back to work badly!!! I would love some feed back and advice from anyone working in the area. Thanks a lot.

Get some!!!
Brian (Red)

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Look at An engineering firm up there is looking for a bridge inspection diver. McLaren, McLean, something like that. Good luck pup.
Yes, a LICENSED PE with FHWA Underwater Bridge Inspection Certification.
checked into it for another job, $1300+ not to mention travel. might be worth it though depending on how long the qual. lasts. it pays pretty pretty good heres the link if anyone is interested


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