I'm going to dive school in a month and I have a lot of free time at my current job, i'm looking for books that should be read, educational or what ever you recommend. thank you.

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or try the internet :)
Bears repeting Fishf, as in my orig comment jan 5 there is a ton of online trade magazines-Rigzone, Offshore, Marine Technology, Marins Reporter, etc. let alone construction trades.
True, sry 'bout that...
here's another good book...

William Walker: The Diver Who Saved Winchester Cathedral by Canon Frederick Bussby

Impressive true story!
For helping you with studying for your first part of school I recomend the U.S. navy dive manual. Its very cut and dry but the first chapters are dive physics and dive medicine. These are the most important and sometimes the most boring but all schools follow these chapters to a "T". The rest of the chapters however may not follow exactly but if you know medicine and physics the rest will be a breeze.


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