Hi welders,
Any suggestions for a good gauntlet glove to use for U/W welding in cold water with a hot water suit setup? We used to get a decent glove from Divex but they don't seem to supply them anymore. I am thinking about a big rubberized or Nytril overglove that might be fairly tough and at least last a week or so. Lot's of work at the waterline in surge = lots of shocking fun... Attached is a diver photo with the current gloves.. Suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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use playtex dishwashing gloves under hot water gloves.
works great.
Thanks for the info Fred. Yeah, we have tried those and unfortunately we are doing some real jungle welding on this particular pier. The base metal of the pier is really ate up and fit up is pretty poor. There is not a lot of good base material to weld to and we end up getting a lot of weld spatter/molten material flying off the weld. (I have likened the project to giving a band-aid to a skin cancer patient) With the neoprene standard outer hot water glove and latex glove underneath, the hot water gloves don't last long and we get burned a lot. The divex welding gloves were rubberized on the outside and the slag/molten material tended to bounce off rather than stick like with the neoprene gloves. I have used those large green (nitril?) gloves in the past and they work pretty good but I was just wondering if anyone else had anything better they have tried over the years.
Have you tried grit blasting the rusty metal first before welding. If you don't have grit blasting equipment then run bead on rusty metal to blow off rust before welding new metal to it. Get some foundry workers gloves to wear on outside of burning gloves/ hot water gloves.
Marty is on the right track, you can also try needle gunning the area first, also try using your regular dish washing gloves and or just the latex ones with regular topside welders gloves on the outside.
We have been using the needle gun and it does work real well. (better than the pneumatic wire brush and much easier to handle.) Too bad the clean surface underneath looks pretty much like a mix between a sponge and the surface of the moon! ;o) Oh well, the pier is almost as old as I am and considering it has never had proper cathodic protection it's amazing it's still standing....
Use standard gauntlet welding gloves, made of pig skin{all standard items] will last longer exposed to water.

If You want the leather to last even longer treat the leather with Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP.

See URL for info;


Yes, it is worth the time and money{MY OPINION]

As posted wear dish washing gloves underneath.


You can treat the leather gauntlet welders glove with olive oil, biodegradable and keeps leather soft.
olive oil has kept my 60 year old leather weight belt pliable for the past 45 years.
Thanks for all the info guys! I am not sure why I didn't think about using leather weld gloves. I guess the obvious is sometimes right out there in front of my face. Too much cold water on the brain I guess... It makes perfect sense to use them and talk about way cheaper than the divex ones we were using for all these years. I like the olive oil idea as well. They are way environmentally sensitive as to what goes into the water there.

Once again, Cheers guys!
we have been using latex gloves under our standard dive gloves and they are great;they do not stiffen your hand ,not noticeably anyways
The big black chemical gloves work great. Last alot longer than the dishwashing gloves.
Roger that on all above, I've also found bargains at commercial fisherman's chandlers/suppliers-check out "freezer gloves" and HD fish handling gloves.
Thanks once again guys! All great options! Now I'll have to see what I can get them to buy for me. I always look forward to welding projects. Cheers.


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