A TV series on prospecting Gold up in Alaska is on this Friday night some where between 8PM and 10 PM on the Discovery Channel. A family group has decided to sell most of what they own and take go on the adventure of their lifetime while taking some major construction excavating equipment up to Alaska to work a claim site. Interesting adventure no diving but worth watching.

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"Would that sound fair if it was your land & home?"

No, it would not.

Any one watch this last night with the bears running around the camp and the young kids there ? Not very smart didnt they hear  that Alaska has bears who put humans on their food chain..

your exally right Dale.

Did anyone watch those guys this weekend ? On the Bayou in Louisiana Shelby has got his work cut out for himself complete with Gators. Down on the Swanee in Florida the S & S boys  James and Jimmy are more than really colorful to watch.
Did anyone watch this weeks adventures ?
I was talking to this guy Down under and he is starting to dive for gold out front of one of the rivers that enter the SEA and he has found some gold. They stay on this little tinny island for about three weeks and then head home. He is going to get back to me and when he dose he is going to need more divers. Lot's and lot's of air lifting
Friday night they had a big overview of what they have done so far this next friday night they should wrap it up as they are starting to get it all dialed in and finding gold.


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