Hello every body
i would like to get some information regarding
the South african commercial diving schools (i know about 3)
i'v visited the web sites but i wuold like to read
some comments from exstudents.
thank u.

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I just got back from from Professional Diving Centre in Durban South Africa. Its only 4 months and your a IMCA class II diver.. DMT there is very cheap also.. about 1k to do it. Durban is a pretty cool place to hang out. If your young then you can go to one of the 5 big clubs and drink for stupid cheap.
Did you used the accomodation of the school in Crossways Hotel ?
and do you recomened it?
pdc in durban is a pretty good school grant jamieson really knows his s*** heard a few bad things about west cost dive school and theres another one that offers imca class II in hermanus (just outside cape town) called BS divers (wish he would change the name) my mate trained there and he had only good things to say if you looking for a place with decent pubs id say head to durban or maby hermanus but wcds is in saldana wich is a s***h***


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