hey i'm a 18 year old student at pda (Professional Diving Academy) i was born to dive been diving scuba since i was 6 to 7 years but i need info wwhen i leave school do i get a job as a diver immediately and wat are my chances of getting a job?????? and i am specializing in welding,burning and cutting......plz help me... 

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love de money!!!!!!
Wanna have a million dollars diving ??
Start with 2
that true
18 summers old and already a rigger and an experienced scaffolder.... hmmm they sure breed em young these days. lol
Darrion please read the posts on this web site this will help you to get the tone of the new culture your going into. Under groups read Old school divers that should help take some of the hype out from between your ears. Other than that your lucky to be doing this at your age and can grow into commercial diving, Again under old school read Chuck Bonners section read all of it because thats where you are headed. Good luck.
ace i read the post in which you spoke of you guys made some very good points..........but at the end of it all i have committed my life to diving.no matter how tough the road to becoming the diver that i wish to be someday.... in my heart and mind i am determined to get there....the time and money in which i spent means nothing to the love i have for the water.i have dreamt of diving into the deeps of the ocean since i have started of diving and that is my goal......thanks for all the info guys......but i will make it above the rest i am determined to make it.............

Well Darrion how the last two years work out!!


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