diving commercially is just f***in funny these days. Hey lets talk about why should I be a diver, anybody have have advice on going to school, what if I dont make it??? Jeezuz, grow some balls boys, If your a commercial diver youll f***in know it....The rest of go to work for 7-11.....

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Right on.  When I went to dive school years ago I walked in to the school in my area asked to speak to someone they then tryed to give me a tour and show me videos I just told them to give me the paperwork signed it and I been diving for nine years loving every minute of it.  This b******* of what school should I pick and Blah, Blah ,Blah has got to stop.  I thought this was a commercial diving web page and not a day time b**** tv show. 
Roger That
The amount of posts on this website about how boring this website is getting is also getting pretty boring lol
now im really bored, f***ers

meh, people just need to do their own homework. Some may just be getting a feel for the dive community. Some might just be lonely and need your E-love.


Tbh, there really isn't too much in the way of info or reviews on some of these schools online or in the forums. Maybe to alleviate the annoyance, someone could throw down school reviews section if they get bored. 


For what it's worth, I'd be willing to write a detailed, non-biased review of The Ocean Corporation once I graduate in November. Although, I know Cdiver is fairly Non-US centric, it'd be relevant info on at least one of the "bigger" US schools. 


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