Let every diver, tender and owner know they have to read this one. The can comment to the Coast Guard without putting their name on it.


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Great post John! Its going to be intresting to see what the outcome is going to be.
Lol it is about time someone put a hot poker up ADCI ASS hahaha, too get something done.

I’m not a diver yet and I don’t really know much about this but I’m going to school at CDA so my question is will the OGP request a curtain certificate or not?

Just to throw some crap in the game. You will dind attached the  U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS Ops manual and Manning Levels. What we have here is another Government Diving manual/Standard is # three or is it #'......
 I Disagree on the goverment part We need the goverment involved so there are regulations in place that protects us the diver Now I do believe that there should be one standerdized set of regs through out all agentcys and  have coming from working on all three sides of the fence (30yrs Commercail, 19yrs PADI IDC Staff Instructor and 15yrs Rescue/law Enforcment diving) Each disipline is each its own and should be conducted as such as appticlible But in a way Dale is correct there to many cooks in the kitchen at the moment
Lincoln well put also as a NAUI Inst.#2110 and PADI Inst. #2143 and have also staffed PADI IDC course.  The NAUI and PADI are not commercial outfits however NAUI does have a Commercial Diving Orientation course.
out of 18 calls last yr only two were recoveries the rest sucsefull recues I also never stated that being open water qualed makes you a salvage diver or for that matter in some cases being a Navy diver doesnt qual you ether but as far as commercial goes we need one set of standerds ran by the goverment not a for profit only group IE ADC IMCA Over the years several of us have tried to get people to understand this but every time your try to get working divers to stand up most will fade away when it comes to speak up Ace can contest for this as well Oh and where I live diving for the sheriffs department is not a collertal asignment but that is due to the fact where I live. But you are correct in saying for the most part yes it is and no being scuby doo qualed dosnt make you a commercial diver


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