Finally recieved all parts from machine shops and have begun assembling first three Gen-3 Gladiator diving helmets.  Will post pics asap.  Now taking orders.  First 3 buyers get discounted price of $5750.00. 


here are pics of polished copperplated Gen-2D

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Mabey this is a stupid question. Is that a genesis 3? Made by the same company as the genesis 2?

Generation 3.     Has several really good improvements over the Generation-2  [Gen-2].  Made by "HeavyMetalDivers".  see for more pics & info.

Marty thats a beautiful piece of work.

Finally have pics of the first Gen-3 Gladiator helmet.  new improvements are;  1/2" faceplate milled to inset,  manifold/valve adaptable for over the shoulder or under arm hose hookups,  new neckdam cams,  improved regulator mounting,  plus just looking so much better.  pics on also.


same hat setup as per customer request.


Fine looking hat Martin!!


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