No Names no packdrills, but diving in Townsville harbour, that is often visited by rather large saltwater crocs, and diver 1 is not responding to lifeline signals and is known to the rest of the team as he who fears crocs the most! So we jump the standby who thinks it would be fun to grab diver 1 by the legs and shake the s#$t out of him! Well you can guess the rest! After a near perfect impersonation of a polaris missile diver 1 lands rather unceremoniously in the zodiac screaming "its got me it's got me! with eyes bugged out like a volkswagon ! to the great mirth of the rest of the team who by now are doubled up in the zodiacs howling in delight at the misfortune of diver 1. A rather sheepish standby diver surfaces grinning like a Cheshire cat complimenting his happless opo on his trajectory and velocity. Needless to say the Supv wasnt publicly pleased at our little stunt and put us all on CAGE watch of our hapless opo! It did get into the line book though!

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