I'm retiring ( for now) and relocating to Wisconsin. I am selling my Dive trailer. All bells and whistles ( cameras, lights and umbilical's have already been donated).

$9000.00 or best offer. No reasonable offer refused. Trailer and frame are in excellent condition, tires are new. Must sell to facilitate move.


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The two hats are EXO BR's brand new one has no time on it the other only one hour. they are included. Call me @ 256-553-3445. No reasonable offer refused.

Retiring ??
Thought you were diving for Gold in Alaska still and was expecting the next story from that adventure ?

Selling the dive business eh, what are you doing up in Wisconsin ? Focusing on that diving school for Vets you started not to long ago now ? (Wasnt that in Wisconsin ?) Or does retirement cover everything water related ??

We had an offer to transfer to Oconto to open the school. Then I got an offer to run the structural division at a local shipyard there. Best of both worlds, work during the day, teach at night. More family time with my kids.

I'm retiring from the BS of working for younger inexperienced diving supervisors. Friend or foe, eventually you are stuck in a position where experience must override friendship for the sake of the team. Younger divers (Most) do not understand that.

I will continue to consult ( and nothing more for any agency that requires a third party inspector. But as far as becoming an "employee" again, Unless the perks are worth it and I answer directly to the owner as I did at Lambourne before they shut down, I'm done with piss ant half assed run businesses.

Third Party Consulting is much more profitable, and I'm usually home by dinner.

I got robbed in Nome, I heard Russ Smith came back and conned several women out of their pants and money!. Also heard (directly from) his last ol lady - she locked him up for trying to strangle her after refusing to fund his next hair brained con game... Justice is sweet aint it!

Guess I'll never really retire Will, just fade back until needed again...


Reduced $8000.00 OBO

 Got an offer to relocate that I cant refuse.

Call me


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