I cant help but notice that a few of my posts are gone as well as the chat room? Is this place dying?

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Chat room is automatic and at the bottom of your page when you log in, and when people delete discussions or their page its all gone.
chat room isn't missing. it's right there. and your posts are missing? think you were banned again kid.
Hey Flynn,The chief wants to see you.
Hehe former HT1/DV Parnell
Flynn I just knew you would appreciate all of that.
Yeah Daddy's back! LOL
Missed you Flynn
YES!! Bad enough for a spanking too? hehe
chat room looks like it's working on my 'pruter..
Its ok....we all know how 'special' Ethan is to all of us!!! LOL
Oooh I was going for the retarded hint with using 'special' but bazaar has a great ring to it...just doesnt cover all aspects of Ethan. Nothing wrong with being old school either, Im old school Army and been in since one was to 'be all you can be', so feeling you on the newbies and their short-sighted visions. Always makes for a good laugh though! Til the tales continue!!!
I think the only "cup" of reality you'll find helpful is the athletic supporter you're going to need when the dawn of awakening kicks you in the balls and you finally see that sometimes the smart ass FNG really IS a genius. :)

PS I have been out of school for a few months now, try and keep up to date old man. ;)
Flynn we've been over this. When you look in a mirror thats YOU that you see. Nobody else. :)

And Ethan doesnt have any self portraits online. Nice try. Also, its Dex, not Dirk.
SHARE TIME!!!! Come on Flynn, please!?!?!?


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