OK so some of us didn't make smart choices when we were younger but whats the outlook for a guy trying to get into commercial diving with a background ? no murders no rapes no pedophile b******* .

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Wonder what you will be saying when your Red hat tending for a top hand diver who is an ex felon?

Ever drink and drive? smoke dope? wrong place, wrong time and you to would be a felon.

Be sure and tell the owner of a big time dive company who is an ex felon you think he is the sc** of the earth.

For a guy who has no idea what working offshore is all about and who is out there believe me you will be welcomed with open arms.


Fred, apparently your aptitude isn't that good. If you will look through these messages you will realize that I am givin a buddy of mine s***. And just so you know, I've been in and out of the patch for 12 yrs, I know what the f*** is up


Fred is pretty sharp. He may not have read the wh*** post but he does know what is going on and has for a while.
take your word for it.

You'll be straight if you're really a worker. U got the TWIC, so the hard part is out the way. Your still gonna run across some jobs and plants that have the zero tolerance policy, but don't let that hold u back. Its only a job. Ur workin w a career here. Once again, thats if u can work!


Ive worked with many "Chino" grads over the past 20yrs Thier trianing is by far second to none!

felons rock were way better than real people  lol


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