OK so some of us didn't make smart choices when we were younger but whats the outlook for a guy trying to get into commercial diving with a background ? no murders no rapes no pedophile b******* .

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Can you get a TWIC?  If not, you're screwed.
The TWIC would be the biggest problem that I could see. As a matter of fact one of the best diver training facilities is within the California penial system. I have worked with guys who have a record for years,some will never give up their old ways others spend their lives trying to get back into regular society. I say give them a try.
i already have my twic and i graduate ocean corp in a few days i really appreciate the feed back.
Well then you don't have much to worry about.  Be truthful on your applications, but if you get hired, keep your record to yourself.  Some don't like being around excons, if they don't know, then you'll be ok.
good advice thanks.

Chino Divers have been working offshore since 1970s tough can do hands.

Only prison inmates in the world trained in commercial diving.

85% drop out rate in the first two days of training. Non stop 5 mile swim required after first four months of training.

So yes kid felons work in the industry , its not your past its what you bring to the table that counts.

You'll do ok man.

I cant stand felons, sc** of the earth, cant believe they even think about hirin em!  lmao.  jk  i think its a requirement


I happen to be a Chino Diver. Graduated in 2008 and have been in the industry since. I've been back and forth from Cali to the Gulf. I've made a reputation for myself as well as a few other Chino Hands. Not all stayed out of trouble, but those of us that have are still going strong. You have won half the battle by getting your TWIC card. You have chosen an industry that is more concerned on your performance than your past. Be professional, trustworthy, and reliable, and you should have no problem. Good luck to you fellow diver.
i appreciate all this feed back gives me good hopes thanks for the input kenyatta i will do just that be on time and be professional.
clint my OKLA-Homie ha ha
lol  good luck tomorrow. let me know whats up with it


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