Hi Selling off all my Equipment its All new!!

Commercial Diving Equipment 2017-08-10


  1. Kirbymorgan Superlite 17c With service kit Coms and head cushion http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/68/productname/Kirby-Morga...

  2. Amron International Surface supplied dive panel New 2017-02-20 https://www.amronintl.com/amcommand-i-one-diver-air-control-with-co...

  3. DDS Dive Systems Video System purchased 2017-04-15 15 http://www.dds-diving.com

  4. High Resolution 700TVL Colour Camera 2017-04-15 http://www.dds-diving.com/products-camera-video-systems-cameras-hig...

  5. LED 1665 High Power White LED http://www.dds-diving.com/products-camera-video-systems-lights-1665...

  6. SMP 50m Umbilical two way Communication Tested 2017-04-5 http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/192/productname/Surface-De...

  7. Divex MKVI Dive Harness Orange With Weights 4 x4kg Used in good condition

  8. Bailout Cylinder 10L 300Bar new With Quick connect Whip

  9. 3 Bank Cylinders 20L 300Bar New  

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What is the serial number of the helmet?



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