whats up guys,

 im just starting off as a tender right now, but somewhere down the line (3 years from now) i wanna take a break and get a degree. i have the GI Bill so i might as well use it. what type of degree would compliment diving the best, and what position would it point me towards? i'd still wanna get in the water after. or is this not the case? 

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Mike was talking about me

I'll be getting my diploma in Civil Engineering and would also like to combine my love for diving and engineering,I've tried to find some companies which deal with consulting or surveying but it's not going as good as I hoped

any suggestions lol ?

Obtain a degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering.

Doors will then open up to you with major Marine Construction Companies.


Get Your Engineering Degree As Soon as Possible, as it take 7 or more years to get Your PE License.

4 years of Collage then You get to take Your EIT Test.

You work under a license PE for many hours {if I recall 4800 hours of time or more, not sure]

Then You are allowed to take the PE Licensing Exam, 3 to 4 Years after the EIT

It is easier to get an MD License than an Engineering License!
A straight civil BS will work to get you started in engineer-diver inspection work.  Test for your EIT level before you leave school if possible, while it's fresh.  Typically 4 years as EIT-diver before you can sit for PE exam, but in the meantime you can get alot of diving in and learn a ton.  Most engineer-divers are in the water doing inspections immediately alongside a PE-diver.  You won't be stuck doing tending for years like you will as a construction diver, especially if you get in with a company doing inland or coastal work.  A warning though:  the money is not stellar, and can often be significantly less (like half) than you'd make as a union diver in major urban areas like Seattle and NYC.  Maybe 40-50's as EIT-diver and 60-80's as PE-Diver, at least until you become a manager type.  ON the plus side, you'll always find dependable work because there aren't alot of us out there - especially capable and experienced PE-Divers.
I would stick with your job tending and then be a diver for years and if that don't float your boat then go to school because you are going to be out of the water for a long time working on that degree.


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