Doing some General research! You remember the 200.00 government hammers? Look what I found today!!

Looking at "Public pages " Posted by most of the larger Diving Companies has explained the leading reason for the extream drop in divers wages and the death of a large number of smaller companies. Do you know what your boss charges for your labor and risk of death?

Ex: (these are real numbers)


                        Shop Hr   Onshore 8hr min Offsh 12hr min    Overtime Hrly


Superintendent  $ 72.00        $ 576.00             $ 1,090.00          $ 108.00

Diving Supervisor 67.00            536.00               1,015.00             101.00

Welder Diver *     60.00           480.00                   914.00               91.00

NDE Diver**        56.00           448.00                   848.00               84.00

Diver                 55.00            440.00                   828.00               82.00

Diver/Tender      38.00            304.00                   575.00               57.00

Tender              34.00            272.00                   515.00               51.00   

Look at your check before taxes and the difference is what you should be taking to the bank!


Per Day

Stretcher, (Required for U.S. Army Corp Jobs)................................................... $ 46.00

Oxygen Respirator, (Required for U.S. Army Corp Jobs) ...................................... 72.00

Gas Free Analyzer, Confined Space Entry .......................................................... 130.00

EMT Kit.................................................................................................................. 20.00

(stuff that should already be in the locker makes more money per day than a dive team gets paid!)

The reality gang! not all companies are doing this to their customers but the biggest (ADCI know the meaning of the abbreviation) are making more money on a case of bandages and machines than we make in a month!

Another benifit of pushing this wh*** ADCI "Were for the Diver Crap we keep hearing. From the standpoint of a business owner, I couldnt sleep at night knowing my people couldnt feed their kids but today I just earned enough to buy 5000 grinding disks and a Caddy!

Am I wrong, Ive heard of marking up a few things to cover "Overhead", but I have always passed the labor profit to my workers.

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Just look up Dive Company Rate Sheets on any browser, GLOBALs Oceaneerings, Pheonixs, and at least 5 others popped up so I printed them out ( just so I know what not to charge people who I may pick up work from. these numbers are stupid crazy. Id never consider charging a customer 200 a day for a backboard or streacher that should be on my trailer or in my connex and properly stored. 80$ per day for a 400 dollar radio, and pay my divers peanuts? ADCI smells here again.

It is not just our business. The Me Me Me stuff, has been building in this country for a long time. In today’s world Short Term Profit trumps long term viability. Sounds Good, Looks Good and Cover YOUR Ass is what is accepted and expected
I agree John, I also carry a General Contractors Liscense in Alabama, and I have always done business in a way that protects the people who get the work done while enjoying a little of the profit. I may never be bank rich, but knowing that when I lay guys off after the job they will come running when work starts again keeps my desk full of thank you notes from wives when the work ends and starts each season. Though I have pissed off just about every contractor in AL, LA, MS & NC that I bid against. ITs old fashioned ethics - "Dont try to keep up with the Jones' be one." its not about the money in the end its about respect for the people who risk their lives to put food on the table whle the BIG BOYS dine out at the Red Lobster...
In all fairness to the contractors those numbers look impressive but are actually of little meaning without a break even analysis which shows the fixed costs, Sales revenues, Average gross profit per sale and average gross profit percentage. The cost of diver wages is only one of many fixed costs of the contractor.

Next you need to determine the company's break even point. To determine the break even point Once you've calculated the numbers above, it's easy to figure out your break-even point. simply divide your estimated annual fixed costs by your gross profit percentage to determine the amount of sales revenue you'll need to bring in just to break even. For example, if Antoinette's fixed costs are $6,000 per month, and her expected profit margin is 66.7%, her break-even point is $9,000 in sales revenue per month ($6,000
divided by .667). In other words, Antoinette must make $9,000 each
month just to pay her fixed costs and her direct (product) costs.
(Note that this number does not include any profit, or even a salary
for Antoinette.)

Once you factor in the all the company's employees wages, and the minimum profit necessary to pay the stockholders. The actual company profits may be very close to the break even point, especially for a smaller contractor.

That being said I agree with you Jerry that if after a careful review of the contractor's business plan it shows that they are making large windfall profits then they should share those profits with the employees.
Diving Companies do not make money on labors wages they make it on equipment rental.
You take the basic hourly wage paid and add at least 35% thats about what is charged to the client.
also depending on if its standard workmans comp. or Long shoremans / Jones Act.
In the 80s Long shoremans insurance was 110% of wage rate. Its not all cream and honey.
Its the iron that makes the money, once its paid for its the money maker.
example:Emergency communication device @ $75.00 per shift ( cell phone ) = $27,375.00 per year base.
Its not what it is, its what you call it.
Thats what I was trying to say I guess Fred. But again that Word ADCI creeps in where our wages continue to shrink.....
The whores in Pearl were getting $3.00 a trick with 50% going to the house.
Has not changed much since 1942.
The problem from the start of time with divers is that they will not stick together.
The attitude is f**K everyone but you and me and F**K you when your gone.
50 years ago when I started divers were not called by there first name it was Mr. and we were treated as professionals and paid as such. that went down the tube with SCUBA and tupperware helmets.
The Carpenters International tried to organize the Gulf divers in the 70s and they could not get the divers to vote union. Nothing has changed nor will it.Wages will drop as demand drops.
Great demand and wages go up. thats how it works. In 1980 I was making $3000.00 per dive on a 12 week job thats what I demanded and got. Nine other divers on the job passed up the dives and got zip. Standup and ask for what you are worth or complain because they are paying what they think you are worth.
It will be interesting to see what happens with the "Idle Iron" mandates. Letters went out to all the affected GOM Leasees on Sept 15. The requirements under 30 CFR 250, subpart Q have been clarified for the Leasees regarding abandoned wells and platforms. The requirements go into effect Oct 15, 2010. The Leasees have 120 days to submit their plans for the removal of these abandoned wells and structures. While the feds state they will be monitoring the removals closely.

I wouldn't be surprised to see contractors attempting to sign up divers at low wages between now and Feb. in the event that the demand for divers to dismantle these "Idle Iron" wells and platforms, drives diver wages up next spring.
Any word on the idle iron mandates?
that's why a diving company charges a client $3.00per foot (scale ascending), per dive, every dive, and pays the diver $1.00 per foot (scale ascending), and will often attempt to not pay the diver for the repet or threepet?

And don't sling that jones act crap my way until the act is reinstated in full. There are still foreign scabs in my pond.

In the end you can bring all the iron onto a job you want, without divers you can't do s***,

You want to know where the money is at offshore? Going public, growing huge, imploding, making several really rich, and making most start over....
I hear ya. if my pinky toe pa**** 100' I get paid every time or I let the tender dive!


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