5 months looking for job, still nothing. So slow. Any hopes for the future????

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Hey Deep sea thats pretty sad all dressed up and no where to go, 5 months ouch!
Been longer than that here, get a call, wait for approval then contract falls through or changes made, never ending battle. At least I am forgtunate enough to have civils to keep me busy in the meantime.
Great been kept busy mate.
I've sent pretty much copies of CVs and have made so much calls that companies begging me to stop that and wait...
chin up buddy, you are not alone.......advice is if you have have done everything & your happy you have done every thing then ......take a break ......do some temping for awhile ......eg kettles "never" boil if you watch them.....and the worm will turn. good luck
Falling???? this is the nature of the beast!!!! Ive been telling katrina kids for years save your money, its not going to last, bammm!!! coupled with the economic melt down, everyone that doesnt know the game is getting slammed in the face. We probally havent seen anything yet, wait till some work starts trickling down and the company's start offering you $12 to $15.00 an hr. some already are. hope you have a 2nd or 3rd skill to fall back on, unless you like working for nothing. sorry to sound harsh new guys, but thats how it is.

Frank please can you be a little more careful that last one got me right in the groin sac.
better go thru your gym bag ace and get that ol jock strap out! there's more were that one came from!


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