I am looking to move to Portugal. Does anybody know about diving work in Portugal, diving companies, wages....?

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Have a look thru the members pages guys from Spain/Portugal on p. 5, 10, 12, 13, etc. - only looked for 30 seconds-one of them might know something?
Thanks Bill
List of companies here.
Work is all Salvage and Inland Inshore, NO offshore
Wages not great, you'll need to be fluent in Portuguese though
Follow Bills advice and chat to the guys who live there.
I am planing to do this and I have already started learning Portuguese.My all 5 years experience is inshore.
Thanks anyway
Hi. I´m Portuguese but I´m working in Norway because Portugal isn´t a good place to work as a commercial diver! You need a Portuguese dive licence to work in Portugal, and if you are not a european it will be difficult! But I can give you email off Portuguese companies.
Dive safe


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