YESTERDAY A DIVING CO. POSTED A REQUIREMENT FOR A DIVER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR FOREIGN DISPATCH-OVER 70 RESPONSES NO-ONE HAD THEIR VACCINATIONS CURRENT.!.! As you know-different foreign countries require proof of innoculation for admission to their country/theatre of operations. IE. Yellow Fever, Ch***ra, Typhus, Dengue Fever, Small Pox, Tetanus....etc. Even Local-- Tetanus, Gamma Glob, etc. Don't get caught with your pants down again!!!

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Loyalty walked out the door along time ago when some (not all) companies started sending out green tenders with cards that believed the TENDER/DIVER card in their pocket made them full fleged divers with all privileges earned on grad day. I came into this business striaght out of the Corps. I learned from the dock to the wheel house and then I was allowed to dive. My old boss was a master at finding your weaknesses and breaking them until they became strengths. Divers stopped teaching because green tenders believed they "Knew It All" on Grad day. THe wages went into the s***ter because Older Divers were "Retired" or offered "Shop Supervisors Jobs" because they the Icons of this industry were Not ADCI Certified, their service ment nothing to those companies. Many of us walked away. We had earned our bones and had been shelved for cheaper and less experienced labor... I m glad you retired in the top end you have earned it. But until wages and rates return and these new young divers (Not all of you) learn to follow instead of trying to fill a log book. It will be along time before things change again.
I put out that call for divers. Here's the story:

We got a call from the customer and they wanted us to get a dive team over at their site 24 hours later. We, the employer, usually pay for the vaccinations, even for new hires. However, in this case they gave us very little notice to get our team together. The yellow fever shot was particularly challenging because of the 10 day incubation period.

I appreciate all the responses to the posting on cdiver, but we had to make due with what we had at the moment. In the long run, we will be having our primary dive team members inoculated for this type of work.

Questions? Comments? Want to contact me directly? Email me at or call me at the office. (206) 298-3483.

No. We just emailed Adam, the site admin. -d
Technically dolsons response is accurate. Seattle diving is a separate entity, however, this site is dolsons brainchild - he just set adam up to run it. Adams father owns Seattle diving with dan. They use this site to collect info on divers AND dive companies requesting divers. This is actually a disservice to the individual diver not working for seattle diving. This is due to the fact that as soon as a diving company posts a "want ad" for divers adam feeds this information to his father and seattle diving actively markets the dive company in need. This obviously displaces the individual diver on here trying to get work independently.
Now guys, you know the rest of the story. I got a call from Dan two weeks ago. Told what I needed and to stand by. Funny how a mear peice of advice "Get yer s*** wired" could start such a fire. Seattle D didnt start it. Listen to advice and let it sink in before your brain overloads your butt, Bills point is Blunt and direct. Most of us who freelance do it for the money! DUH!!! THus to making it, like everything else you have to spend it to get it....
Thanks Bill for the reminder, Thanks Dan for watering a fire that should never been lit...
Grey Wolf
Well it also could have been that somebody was getting run off.


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