YESTERDAY A DIVING CO. POSTED A REQUIREMENT FOR A DIVER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR FOREIGN DISPATCH-OVER 70 RESPONSES NO-ONE HAD THEIR VACCINATIONS CURRENT.!.! As you know-different foreign countries require proof of innoculation for admission to their country/theatre of operations. IE. Yellow Fever, Ch***ra, Typhus, Dengue Fever, Small Pox, Tetanus....etc. Even Local-- Tetanus, Gamma Glob, etc. Don't get caught with your pants down again!!!

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Thats the nature of the beast...not the first time its happened. in European ops its pretty common to have competition almost to crew change day, had it done to me on last job-supposed to have been with Rana, mobbing out of Italy-ended up in Singapore.. It is a good 'wake-up' for these guys to have their s*** together tho. cheers-bill
well funny that as i am in all but the US side of it, jabbbed to the state mee we my ass feels like a pin cushion
and only got the email to day to late now

steve h
I know for a fact that the hiring company first used the job board to search for divers who had the yellow fever vaccination, but nobody had indicated it in their profile.

If you have certain vaccinations, be sure to note them in your profile and be sure you SPELL THEM RIGHT. Had anyone done this, they would have gotten the job.

- Staff
PLAN AHEAD AND STAY AHEAD I just looked into this vacaination and it takes 10 days for it to become effective so I was told by medical personnel. Do the math its hard to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Plan ahead and stay ahead.
maybe ?
Hey we divers are not an endless bank to provide all these specialized shots that cost alot. Companys should not get caugth with their pants down. We are employees not subcontractors. Companies if you have special needs plan ahead and go pay for this for your divers plan ahead and stay ahead.
So what is the company going to do when they run out of divers again because they quit, get fIred or hurt ? What kind of a labor pool are they creating or do they think we divers will all run out and pay for this kind of shot so maybe maybe maybe we will get a call ???
Here is a question about the seattle divings marketing plan agreement that we might have to sign. Question: what kind of working and benefit rights does a person give up by going to work for them with their labor agreement ? I have heard their agreement sends divers out as what a subcontractor and will cut any benefits under that agreement is this true ? Can anyone explain this to me in plain and clear english.
Not to sound like a prick, but if your Freelancin' into another country, its your responsibility. If your a vet, you can get the shots thru your VA Hospital and your PAssport Verified in some states. Helps to see your local VA office and get into the system. YOu will find other benifits you thought you didnt qualify for also.
The gripe is legit though, if a Company from "Here is goint THere", then the company should give their crew the heads up and foot the bill, they can write it off, and will be reembursed...
amaaaaaaazin! if you think about that a lot off work is somewhere off the charts
me!i need a U.S passport
fck nice job
Dale its a constant out lay of cash trying to keep up with employers requirements shots, hat inspections, cpr and the list goes on. Unless your on a good offshore job with depth and getting dived its just money out of your pocket. Employers should pay for this were not their prostitutes are we ?
i can say that while i was employed by a big dive co., i never had to worry about anything because they always let me know when i needed what brought up to date. and working in the gulf of mex only didn't require shots. now that i'm not with that co. i would have jumped on that job yesterday had i had that shot current. i see it from both points of views and think that it's an eye opener for myself. no, i don't really want to pay for all the shots i need, but how else will i be able to jump on a plane in a day's notice to get a job overseas? food for thought.
What do you mean they own this website? Are you saying that Seattle Diving Company owns this website ???


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