Hello my name is Ian and I am currently thinking about pursuing a career in commercial diving. I have been doing research on different schools and certifications and what I'm getting for my money. I have narrowed my search down to three different school CDA in Jacksonville Florida, DIT in Washington and NYD in Norway. I am leaning towards NYD in Norway because of the cost value. The only thing that I am worried about is I can't find much information about the school other than cost. I see NYD pop up in a lot of forums and people saying it is a pretty good school. I was wondering has anyone here been to it? Is it friendly to Americans? What was your experience of going there? What is the best way of getting in touch with the school? How were living arrangement? Easy? Hard? What separates NYD from all the other schools other than cost and the introduction to SAT diving in their main curriculum. Any info would he helpful

Thanks All.     

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Hi Ian, NYD is a good school but do not teach everything and housing can be a problem. I would recommend DIT in Seattle. It is expensive but it is a full 7 month course with cert's in ADCI and Canadian cert's. 


I have looked into that school and it seems like they offer a lot of different skills. They also advertise a lot which is nice so you know exactly what you will be doing. Other than the Canadian certs is their any other reason you would recommend DIT? Did you attend DIT? How was housing? About how much a month did you pay?

Hi Ian, DIT has had many students tour the different schools around the nation and picked DIT for it's academics and the ability to deep dive. DIT has a lot more cert's that are available to you compared to other schools.

Plus the last graduating class half of them were picked up by EPIC the job placement is much better with DIT and you get to meet and talk with the reps from major diving companies.  

I used to run a diving company out of Santa Cruz CA. for the last 7 years I would always use DIT grads over other schools.



That is awesome thank you so much for the info I really am interested in becoming a diver. hopefullu after I'm done with my Masters program I can go to DIT


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