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Saudi Aramco is seeking a diver to work for the Marine Department. The Marine Department is a vital part of Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Services Organization. The department has a reliable fleet of vessels to provide an assortment of Marine Services, to support the exploration, production, and transportation of oil, in and around Saudi Aramco’s offshore operating areas. The marine fleet operates from a number of ports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operates 24 hours, 365 days per year.
Offshore Diving Qualification HSE Part 1 or IMCA equivalent.
IMCA Diving Supervisor Certification.
Competent knowledge in U.S. Navy Decompression Procedures.
Minimum of 10 years experience in offshore diving, which includes 2 years as a Diving Supervisor.
Valid Offshore Diving Medical & Basic First Aid Certificates recognized by IMCA.
Experience in construction and inspection with a working knowledge of rigging, underwater pipeline repairs, welding, and corrosion control is desired.
High School Diploma as a minimum education.
Excellent command in English, verbal and written.
The candidate is to direct diving work assignments and act as a liaison between the job and user department as follows:
1. Define the scope of work to be accomplished.
2. Ensure a Work Standard is used for the type of job performed and use the same to give the estimated work duration to the user department.
3. Dive to inspect in-progress and completed work for compliance with Saudi Aramco Engineering Work Scope Requirements.
4. Supervise compliance of the diving work with Aramco — or recognized authorities — safety and loss prevention instructions, at Aramco installations above or below water. This compliance includes safety equipment as well as required work permits.
5. Report daily work progress to the Marine Underwater Inspection & Repair Unit Supervisor or Senior Diving Inspector, against the Work Standard and explain exceptions.
6. Critique and report job completion, defining problem areas with recommendations for improvement.
7. Liaison with the Aramco User Departments regarding confirmation of Engineering, piping, cathodic protection, corrosion control methods and Inspection Standards to ensure that correct procedures are followed and that questionable findings are highlighted.
8. Use the Engineering Library as a source for drawings prior to performance of the diving work.
9. Report specific job related performance of contract and Aramco divers after the completion of each diving assignment. Recommend areas for development of the individual and comment on strengths that can be utilized to improve job times.
10. Train other divers in required areas for becoming Diving Inspectors, as outlined in this job description.
11. Develop methods, techniques, equipment, special tools, and devices necessary for performance of a difficult diving job.
12. Prepare a hazardous repair procedure and train divers in dry runs as necessary, prior to any unusual or hazardous repair.
13. Conduct Diving Contractor On Hire & Interim Inspections of Personnel & Equipment.
14. Conduct Saudi Aramco Marine Department Vessel Inspections & Audited Drills onboard Diving Support Vessels.
Saudi Aramco’s domestic operations span the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and include the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas, refining, petrochemicals and distribution – none of which would be possible without the support of the Operations Services business line. Operations Services encompa**** such vital support activities as aviation, marine, transportation, power distribution, materials supply and information technology. Saudi Aramco operates one of the world’s largest corporate aviation fleets, composed of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft whose flight and maintenance crews are among the best in the business. The company’s marine operations include oil spill fighting vessels, harbor pilot craft, tugboats for terminal operations and a variety of service ships. The areas of transportation, power distribution and materials supply are critical components of Saudi Aramco’s large array of complex petroleum and petrochemical facilities that provide a reliable supply of energy to people in the Kingdom and around the globe. The company’s IT infrastructure, including its communications networks, provides the methods and the means for the people of Saudi Aramco, no matter where they are, to stay connected and sustain the Company’s legacy of success.


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what's the pay? you want all these CV's better be good pay, but I would say not working for Saudies
Dont know anything about the pay found this posting on another site and thought I would post it here.
ARAMCO dousnt really skinp i knopw secretaries in Saudi that make more than me

sir i am a IMCA class 2 diver with 2 year onshore experience i need a opportunity for offshore can you help me to find a opportunity  and i am attaching my cv  

i`m from Egypt & i`m IMCA air diving supervisor since 2008 , 13 years offshore experience , bachelor of engineering, computer skills , reporting 
looking for a job 
please see my attached CV , certificates
many thanks
Ahmed Tharwat


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