Diver dies wile working on a Newclar Power Plant in Bulgaria.

Two days ago a Bulgarian commercial diver working on a Nuclear Power Plant-Kozlodui, Bulgaria died wile working at 7 meters depth.

The plant managers are trying to hide the real cause of death which is that someone was not doing his job and turned on a pump which caused the diver to be sucked in. Someone was not doing his job, it is either the supervisor, or someone working in the power plant. The problem here is that the truth could be hidden on purpose to prevent people to be prosecuted, sacked or whatever. The official cause of death is heart stroke.

I think that the truth must come out but the authorities in Bulgaria do not whish that to happen.

If someone knows who in the EU can be informed, so that European authorities can investigate this case in stead of the bribed police and government of Bulgaria.

Any help from you will help us stop diving fatalities.

Thank you

 May his soul rest in peace.

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Radoslav Dimitrov, he was 28 or 29 years old, commercial diver with "Hydroremont" based in Varna, apparently fell ill in whilst in the water inspecting a shaft at the Kozloduy Nuclear power station, had a lifeline and comms but not clear whether it was SCUBA or surface supplied. Looks like they lost audio with him around 09:40 on Saturday morning but didn't get him to the surface until an hour and a half later, but no explanation. Autopsy report says he died of a heart attack.........

He is the 25th commercial diver to die so far this year (that we know of), the second this week to be attributed to 'heart attack'.  I doubt we will ever get the full reports, but it would be interesting to know whether these heart attacks could have been predicted by a more rigorous diver medical examination.

 I understand you probably read about this somewhere but that is the story unfortunately the authorities are giving up just to hide the truth.

Someone in the power plant didn't do his job and this guy died. As far as I know, a pump was on which was suppose to be off, a gate was open and that one was also suppose to be closed  and someone let the diver go in the water without checking and making sure all is safe. The plant manager said that it was a heart attack before that guy was even brought for autopsy, how is that possible. The guy was a live and asking the topside for help for 15 minutes before he stopped answering  Don't believe everything you hear or read.


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