I was wondering if anyone has taken the trouble to identify all of the parts on DSI hats such as the soft goods and hardware?  I have to account for the specifications, manufacture and trails on pipeline components and we are not just simply going to buy from a manufacturer and assume they are good parts.  Why is a helmet any different. In fact, if your company is an ISO ( 9000, 14000, etc) it is supposed to be making these determinations and is not allowed to buy parts and goods from non-ISO's.  ( not a law, just the requirement to keep the ISO)   I have been in the industry a while ( 1970) and own quite a few.  Torque specs on screws, exact specs on o-rings and valves,seats, washers, etc are just not out there.  It is not enough to just refer to the exploded views and assume the parts in the bag are "good".  At the prices we pay there ought to be some traceable means of knowing they are good.

I have a list of the parts and have made my own measurements but do not know the composition of the rubber goods or the tensile strengths on fasteners, etc.  These are nice to know and i think DSI might want to put that out one day ( but I doubt they ever would). 

Example:  What makes the DSI "made in Taiwan" oral nasal mask any different than another "made in Taiwan" oral nasal?  just because it is in the bag and has a number does not mean there is any difference.

Just wondering if anyone else has thought of this.

Will Hux


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