What happened to this kid? Anyone know? I heard he was pulled unconcious from 40, but then there was nothing. I know DIT doesn't have PR people that good!

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last I herd they tryed to keep him alive for 9 days but he passed
Hey Dumby #1 & #2, Maybe you should investigate before you post. You fit in with the other idiots, that Talk & can't Walk, Please stay away from the GOM. Stay in Cannada, you silly Red Head.
While the news article shows that DIT students are always willing to help, I don't believe that incident is the one they are referring to.

If the inquiry is about DIT student David Holt who died in May 2009. The 37 year old, married, father of 2 was taken off life support within days of the incident. No details of this incident have been made public other than the initial news report of the incident in May 2009. Nor has there ever been any report of the other student that reportedly died from flu like symptons a month prior to the Holt incident. The Cdiver blog Diver death is about the Holt incident.
I go to the school and I have no idea what happened.
We'll ask our sources today to see if we can get anything. Doug
Tragic. 37 years old and father of two, far too young to die.
DIT is a subsidiary of Jamestown Marine Services in Connecticut. The parent company would be the one to decide what information is put out and when, especially if there is reason to believe that a lawsuit may be forthcoming, not DIT's management or staff.
Thats not even the accident I was referring to so maybe you should read what I wrote before being an ass.
The school is quiet out of respect for his family. They are dealing with a great loss that only gets harder when it is publicized. All the things you think you know about the incident are products of the rumor mill and help nobody. As upsetting as it is, remember that we are talking about a person who wanted to do what we do and is no longer here to see out his dreams and support his family. I suggest those people who knew him and those people who did not all say a prayer for his family and let the matter alone.
I am wonder what happened to David C. Holt.. I live in Arkansas and I have just heard of this incident. I have been looking for David for years. I am his little sister. I would like to now more about him and his family, and I am deeply sadden by this news and would appreciate if you or anyone can help me with more information. I don't even know how to get in contact with Jessica. I didn't even know he was married. Please help...My e-mail address is plh4u2@yahoo.com

Thank You,

Patty Holt


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