Thank You to everybody who attended and helped to make the 7th Annual Divers Welcome Crawfish Boil another success. We had a great turnout at The Rusty Nail Tuesday night, and the mudbugs were perfect thanks to Shaggy and Boil, Inc.

While the bugs did not last long, we did them justice and hopefully next year we can double our order at least (send an email to: if you are interested in next year's boil.) Special thanks to this year's doormen Tom Harter and Jason Self for keeping out the riff-raff and to Jack for helping us work the floor at the show. Mad props to Tim Tobey for sitting in with his harp during the ensuing Open Mic Night at Rusty Nail. And everybody who "represented" (does anybody still use that word?):

Cal-Dive International
Crescent Diving & Contracting Inc.
DeltaWave Communication
Divers Academy International
Epic Divers
Fox Industries
Holland College Commercial Diving program
HJ Merrihue Independent Divers Inc.
Jack Vilas & Associates
KME Diving Suits, Inc.
Lanier & Associates Engineers
Legacy Offshore
Magellan Marine Int'l
Ocean-Coastal Consultants
Phoenix International
Ricardo Gutierrez Professional Yacht Maintenance
Santa Barbara City College
Subsalve USA

See you next year. Dive safe.

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Divers - This crawfish boil was grubbin! Be sure to check out Jambone Boat Rentals' boot next year and we're hoping they put on another boil.

Be safe guys,
Best meal of my trip! You can't beat a Seafood feast!!! Thanks again Jambone Boat Rentals!!!


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