Howsit guys heres the situation we are coming to the end of our current project and its time to overhaul the dive containers before the next mob im looking for input from you guys regarding the best way to lay out a container for inshore operations (no chamber) we looking for minimal external fixings although genny and lp comp will obviously have to be outside any of you guys that have worked off spreads like this seen any good systems if so what made them stand out and handy ideas etc would be appreciated


cheers George

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Thats what we need man! Some diver love :p Waterheater for cold winters (great to warm up those neopr. gloves), microwave and toaster for the highlight of the day. Dry rack for gloves and wet clothes. 220v. coolerbox. Spare hat parts, dry toolbox, a lot of WD40 and Degreaser spraycans. Every diver has its own bagspace in the rack. A seat for everybody :)
Perdiem,overtime,vacation pay, equipment rental,retirement pay,penetration pay,etc.

Depends on length of container.

you can still install compressor and gen set inside in the back with a sound proof wall and access door.

If your compressor is outside then weld an insert box in container wall with fittings for air hose and power

work bench with vise a must. vol. tank could be under work bench. air filters mtd. on wall. etc.

wh*** house fan mtd. inside venting out - pulls air in through door. narrow lexan between roof channel on top for skylight bolted down with water tight seal.

First of all draw out modifications and measurements on paper to see how it works for you.

Be sure to mount emergency air supply bottles some where too.

thanx guys ill post a pic or two of what i have in mind this evening mike i love the idea of having cameras mounted outside to monitor the crane and lazy ass riggers


thanx again



na mate I havent worked out there


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