Hey everyone!

I've been digging around for potential jobs and was wondering if anyone has heard anything (good or bad) on Seattle Dive Company? From their site they seem like they're into a ton of projects.



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HI :Emily Doyle

I am diver Mohamed Aref i hop to find new diving jop ,

please send to me on me Email : mm_diver_aref@yahoo.com

i wait for your reply

Never Worked with them, All the jobs we have Contracted out to would be Global, Ballard Dive, or Associated Underwater Services. But what I have heard is that you are on-call with them and they will ship you within 24 hours of notice to anywhere they need you. I would recommend the companies I have mentioned. But whatever you do, make sure they are a safe company.. There is one I know about up here that will cheat you out of pay and are not recommended throughout the other companies.

Thanks! That's what I was worried about- they nobody else had heard of them and that usually is a red flag for safety.

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Hey Mohammed the silly sand nigger,do you understand shut the f*** up?

They are not into anything worth a s***. Global and Ass Underwater would be your best bet~

many thanks for your reply ,

This muhammed guy for real ???

....I'm afraid so.

afraid about what

I worked for Seattle in 08-09 they third party you to other dive companies they do fly you and pay for your gear, the pay is based on your level and certs ect.. My checks were always right. It was a good run after hurricane ike good luck,

You should try Diversified Diving out of Ketch. AK. They have been getting some good jobs and have 3 female divers. They can actually dive too. The owner is good about spreading it around and rotating people and there is a bunk house. Only an hour flight north of seattle. Greg H.  and most of the hands went to school. Only outfit in southeast AK worth working for.


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