I need everyone's help to create a list of commercial diving slang words! We're going to add a mini dictionary of diver slang to the cDiver Wiki.

What words do you know and how do they translate? Also, please mention if they are specific to your country/location.

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A collective group of divers is a 'WINGE' like a flock of seagulls a group of divers is a 'winge'.........probably because they winge about pay work conditions and should they join a union. RMT works for me cheers.
"Bouyany test" "As in go bouyancy test that old rusty peice of pipe". Throw it overboard to get rid of it. Not used much anymore though (at least when anyones watching).
BFH - Big F@#king Hammer
In the sixty's we used to call the new or not to good divers Worms or worm diver.

Worthless hands are still Worms, leeches and sludge.....


BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again
DAD - Dumb Ass Diver
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
Hope this helped. 


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