I need everyone's help to create a list of commercial diving slang words! We're going to add a mini dictionary of diver slang to the cDiver Wiki.

What words do you know and how do they translate? Also, please mention if they are specific to your country/location.

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pony bottle = bailout cylinder
rope spanner = knife
fizzed = suffering deco illness
boffin = marine scientist
noah = shark
pick = anchor
prop = propellor
snoop = soapy water (gas leak testing)
soup shack = supervisors trailer/container/room
burlying up = seasickness over the side
bubblehead = diver

all heard from other divers in west australia
(supe) rviser = (soup) full meaning if there ever was one still eludes me
got to laugh at the metric pipe wrench will be trying that one out tommorow
should add

supe/soup = superviser
And nobody should forget the craneall.----- used for unfu%$ing the crane wire when it bird nests.
POOP AND SCOOP - you sat divers know what I am talking about
push a pig- - bathroom call
pre dive panic pinch- just say the words your up to dive and your of to push a pig
hump and dump - up on the divers slack and dump it back in the trunk of the bell
Aquapaddy=diver strong of arm thick of head.
coupulant, not slang but NDT Inspection divers get through a lot of it...lol = grease or water between ultrasonic probe tips and testing material.
Hey what is the real purpose to this ? So someone who is not a diver can sound like one like on the computer or in bars ? It kinda sounds lame to me. If your out in the field you know it if your not you most likely dont need to know it. Just my opinion.
Got a big hen trying to roost. Large Goliath Grouper ( Jew fish ) pushing you around or lays on your tools.
7 over 5. Not more slack,Topside F'ed up, surface.
Hero in the water. Stand by diver in the water .
Fed Ex on its way. Tools coming down a line by shackle. Tender keeps a tight line on you to receive.
Tree trouble. Valves won't move.
Spinneys at at 180. Depth you found spiny oysters on well legs you always share that info.Highly prized varied colors.
There is a tool bin down here. Lots of tools dropped off rigs.
I'm popped again. Put Ambosol in the chamber another tooth cap gone due to bad dentists and mixed
gas on your way up. I now have all false teeth.Happened four times which lead to uncomfortable times in the IC.
IC =s Iron Cadillac =' s Re-compression chamber where you decompress.
Old timer quote " Son I have more time in the Iron Cadillac than you have on the toilet!".
Mike: The fun continues. As the saying goes "FROM TIME TO TIME MAN MUST RETURN TO
I do prefer good viz and warm water these days. I'm with 3 gentlemen,72 to 57 years
old.We still all dive and now pursue U/W commodities such as copper shipped during the
the Wars plus others. We love the freedom being underwater brings to us.
I'm sure you understand.
Thanx for the comms-over,
Cluster F@#k = A couple of minor issues that just ruin your day (A 10 min job that takes 2 hrs, a tool breaking etc etc)
Catastrof@#k = A series of seemingly small issues that c**ulate to ruin everyones day (the current state of the GOM would be a good example)
When a diver can't solve a problem, topside says, "T.S.D..figure it out"..(TUFF S*** DIVER....figure it out.)
"BANG BANG BANG" = Send me the hydrolics

"Airmail it" = Send it without the retrieval line

For Shane Easy: "Get high on yer whipline" = Come up on the crane

*high pitched screams* = I've been bitten by a small fish

"Majic Wand" = Super cool new cavitation blaster

"Put it in the big blue toolbox" = Send it overboard

"Stiffler Ring" = Stiffner Brace renamed after Trash's dog


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