I did a Freedom of Information Act request of the US Coast Guard on all Commercial Diving Deaths in the US since 1990, nothing but the numbers. I am finding it hard to deal with what I recivied. (See attached PDF) The number since 2001 is 196

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J. 29 CFR 1910.425 Surface-supplied air diving.
Part 3.

For ALL Commercial surface-supplied air diving with one diver in the water requires a minimum of five dive-team members: a DPIC (see 29 CFR 1910.410(c)), a diver{the working diver] "who shall be continuously tended [by a tender other than the DPIC] while in the water" (see 29 CFR 1910.425(c)(1)), a standby diver{dressed, equipped and ready to enter] "who shall be continuously tended [by a tender other than the DPIC or the tender for the working diver] while in the water" However, based on the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.421(d) Planning and a****sment, the hazard analysis and a****sment of the dive will dictate the use of additional personal when underwater conditions and hazards or potential hazards involve: proximity to an underwater suction, no free access to the surface, the possibility of diver entanglement or entrapment, or unknown bottom conditions.

Let's start requesting changes!



The Lead Developer for writing the new regs and changes ( recommended, required, requested) is Mr. Patrick Mannion


direct line contact: 202-372-1439.

The Gentleman in Charge is Commander Patrick W. Clark


direct line contact: 202-372-1410.

Petition OSHA

Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA
David Michaels
U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
200 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20210

Phone: (202) 693-2000




"ADC was formed by a group of five diving companies who were operating in the Gulf and decided to fight unionization. Their goal was to establish standards so that the government would not start imposing regulations on the diving companies."
Joseph, remember to make an exception for the cleaning of small vessels, as it is not possible to make money while paying 5 others, when you're using a hookah, or tank with long hoses to clean a small vessel. Because I believe hull-cleaners are still considered commercial divers by OSHA, and there is a push to get our own requirements.
We might as well be a mule on a dope farm . 428 deaths since 1990....
I agree on the hull cleaning but I believe it needs to be 3 man crew.
Thank you John.
If you look at that data it reflects what Roat said in another post its like nothing is being learned from the deaths. the work has been slow so the deaths are lower. what were we doing right in 1990 to have zero or were they just not keeping the data then
Because we had more experienced divers then. What happen in 92- Andrew just look at the numbers starting then.I agree we have not learned from the passed.
Jim excellent report thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is a must read piece of work.
The Navy also has reports some what simular and publishes them. One section in Navy reports is called "Lessons Learned" also very valuable information to read. Good Job Jim.
Well Dale I heard all of that and here is where the value of being able to read and go over published accident reports come in like the Navy, Los Angles County, and other groups has for their divers, etc.
Jim Hedgemen brought some excellent material on divers accidents and lessons learned to this site, impressive. Its just ashame divers have to die to give us lessons learned.
Dale man because not all other divers will be us on our jobs and in the future this written account of what has, may have or could happened is so valuable for all to revue as in the lessons learned.
Earlier this year while in Florida and looking at my computer on line I came across a fellows name who had been my orginal scuba instructor (1967) His name is Thomas Ebro and he lives in Florida. Man this guy has the background.
Tom as he is called is a World class marine accident guy who goes to court to be expert witness in marine and diving accidents along with all kinds of other marine accidental injurys and deaths.
Take a moment and look Him up on line and you'll see what I mean. I was very impressed as I think you will be too if you take the time to view his resume on line-take a moment guys check this out. Well the point here is as you will see Tom has pretty well identified all kinds of ways people die in the marine enviroment both above and below the surface. This is a lessons learned revue that when you read his posted resume (14 pages if I rember right) will help keep you alive and sure give you alot of food for thought. The more you know the longer you live.
I would like to hear anyones feed back as what you learn from reading Mr. Tom Ebros resume. I love being a diver and would perfer not dieing while being one.
Jim I have the live videos from that dive on my home page. Be interesting to review those videos after reading this report to see how accurately the report reflects the events
on the video. Thanks
Before the god damn SCUBA showed up, all diving was done by commercial divers in helmet gear regardless of what the damn job was.
The desco mask was a killer and still is along side the converted gas masks used at Pearl Harbor Salvage.
If you work underwater for pay its commercial diving and you follow the OSHA rules of commercial diving. How many boat yards went tits up because the boat owner dont have to haul out to clean the bottom of the yacht and paint.
Ya da ya da
I think three "hands " should be required for hull cleaning They should have comms and two umbilical s tender/standby Diver with bailout. They should be certified either from a dive school or the military and at least one of them should have at least 3yrs verifiable experience in the type of work they are performing. I believe they should be required to know how to perform maintenance on the equipment used and sign off on its readiness before each job the same way a pilot does a plane.

There is no doubt that cleaning a hull and polishing props are just two skills and does not compare to a Diver with a much larger skill set. You can't take a guy serious who would say otherwise. Everyone should know their place and work their position....But if the Coast Guard does require 5 man crews then depending on the size and use of the vessel they should require the hulls cleaned and inspected at certain intervals and a monthly report from they Dive company that did the job with the names of the people involved ,equip used, condition of the vessel,cert. of insur. & workmans comp. etc... That way if you cant walk like a big boy get out of the fight. international vessels should be sub sea inspected at sea accordingly. Again keeping the little guys on the 40' sailboats. A lot of this may be already in the regs. But it is obviously not enforced. I mean whats your back up if your scuba fails. We have demand ,free flow, bailout and pneumo and standby.
Yep yep that looks text book perfect now the guy claims to be a crew member or self employed not sure OSHA rules apply to self employed hull cleaner? Some yacht owner just wants his boat cleaned dosent give a hoot and has no conscern for rules no one is looking or is there to enforce text book perfect rules. Education and enforcement is sometimes hard to come by. Now what ???


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