Hey all,

Anyone out there know of any brands of underwater epoxy similar to SplashZone that works well in very cold water (0c/31f).  Iv'e used splashzone before and it works ok-ish but it is only designed for around 5c/40f or above.


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what's your application?

Near freezing sea water above and below waterline.  Galvi steel hold down clips holding down concrete boat ramp planks.  We want to put a layer of it on to make more of a smooth surface over the bolt heads and clip edges so the zodiac boats don't get ripped. (it's a temporary fix)

Devcon Underwater Epoxy.

Aqua Poxy Underwater Epoxy Paint

Thanks Fred! I'll look into this.  I checked the web page on the Devcon epoxy and it is showing 40 degrees and above for curing.  Have you ever tried this product in colder water and has it cured anyway?  Thanks for any info.


Yes I have used it in freezing water. Two part epoxy. use more of part 2 and it will heat and cure fast, mix on float above diver and apply at once. be sure area is clean. wire brush or water jet clean so it will stick to metal.

Thanks a lot Fred!  I'll see if I can get some ordered up for our application.


Get a test sample and try it in water that is the same temperature of your application ie bucket with ice in it.

shield the work and run hot water to it

I've used FX-764. Just takes a couple hours to cure


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