im about to graduate from dive school and looking to go to the gulf. I have a girlfriend and would like to keep in touch while im away. Iv red on here that t-mobile is about the only phone that will work off shore. If so how is the service everywhere else and how do you like them? Also are there any other options?

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Save your money. No work in the gulf for FNGs. Stay at home 'till the next hurricane, or try to work inland.

Hate to burst your bubble kid, but that the truth about the environment.

AT & T works well offshore. SKIPE works on your computer if the boat/barge has internet for the crew. The best way to go is just email.
Well said Dawn,sometimes I just shake my head.To the people wanting to go work offshore,if you get lucky enough to get a trip in these times,cool,expect the worst,no phone,no internet,survival food(not like you're used to)sweating on deck,sweating in the water ,that way anything you do get will be bonus.Sometimes it is the way it is.

As J.L. said,keep your dough,you may need it to get somewhere to knock on doors.
Another option.................carrier pigeon.
thanx for the input. i understand s*** is tight rite now but im not gonna just sit arount untill s*** gets better so im still gona try to get a job wherever it may be.

im not sure what "SPUNBRASS IN THE SHACK" problem is, but whats wrong with havin a phone off shore?? Nobody ever said anything abou using it on the job. Not sure what thats doin to the profession, but hey thats just me,
i understand that. i didnt say anything about any food and its really not a big deal to me. not havin a phone isnt a big issue for me, but would be nice to talk to the girlfriend now and then. i kno i would be successfull off shore if givin the chance because i am an extreamly hard worker and have the skills it requires, but i also know its slow and im gona jump on any opertunity that comes by.thanx again and goodluck to all
so whats wrong with wanting to go off shore? affraid the younger guys are gonna take your jobs or something? I know ALOT of dumba**** get through the academys every month and i know i still have ALOT to learn, but c'mon whats the problem? all of you had to start somewhere and im just lookin for my chance like all you wer when you wer gettin started. Just because im young doesnt meen i cant be a hard worker and be succesfull. I agree most of the younger guys care more about themselves and what they have then bein a good worker and bein a success,but thats not everyone. I respect all the seasoned divers and i know im not s*** and wont be for quite some time.
yea i understand that and im not getin wound up, i just wasnt sure what the problem was. I have a good since of humor and it doesnt bother me when i catch s*** fom people.
this is all very true and iv ben reading alot on here what goes on off shore and im starting to get an idea of what to expect. the ony reason i asked about the phone is because my contract was up and would like to get something that would work out there, but like i said its not a big deal to me. I still have 2 months untill i graduate and i will have manny mor questions im sure and some i will just have to find out on my own.

And no the girlfriend isnt a priority rite now, work is! lol I am 100% focused on diving and am willing to put in the extra effort to succeed! Also i am in very good shape. Im 800mi away from home in new jersey, if you ever ben here you would know theres not alot to do so i go to the gym every other day. lol

I understand what you mean by the XBOX generation. There are manny like that in our school. In my class of 20 only about 7 will ever be successful. Most will never make it on a job site and some will get themselves killed tryin and im sure its like that everywhere.

I really do appreciate all the info!
yea dan is in the class ahead of me
hahaha i can see where that might help with the ROV lol i guess there may be a place in this industry for all the lazy gamers out there
Yea iv seen it im not a big fan of the 37. I prefer the 27, but would like to see how the 77 is set up.
Bro let me first tell you to ditch the chick, F*** the phone, Hope for the best expect the worst, Example: your not gonna have the time to be on a phone and if you do then there is something wrong. If they told you BS like you got your own room and shower and wonderful food you got lied to from your school. work is 12 hrs a day busting your ass so every penny you make will be an earned one. Dont mean to be a prick, just not sugarcoating stuff for you. Oh yea holland is looking for divers!! Semper Gumbi man meaning stay flexable. You start worrying too much about that girl you might kill yourself or someone else. I always said leave the b******* on the pier and pick it back up when you get back to shore. Good luck and hope you enjoy MRE's not so bad right??
yea like i said the girl and the phone isnt really an issue. How do i go about holland? and will i have everything i need for that rite after dive school? noone has really said much to us about over sea work yet, but that was something id like to do.

yea the 17 floats to much with me. i gota use the nosebar to keep it down. id like the 77 because i wouldnt have to worry bout the gell coating and the faceport screw inserts, but id like to see what hat its set up like


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