SO currently I am planning on attending CDA in Jacksonville Florida. Now my question is this a decent school and is it even worth right now to drop the 30 grand plus to go there and potentially not get a job after, cause from what I am reading it does not sound very hopefully to get a decent paying job and I feel that the school is def blowing smoke up my ass and just trying to get me in to pay them. Thoughts?

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did mine at PDC a few years ago grant is a hard bastard but the course was good and i still use the PDC manual often
I went to CDA, and while it was a good experience, it was really, really expensive. Good school, fun times, but heavy on the wallet. But they are probably the most well advertised and promoted school in the US, hence their success. If I was deciding to do it now, I would go somewhere cheaper. Though, all told, I only spent 21,000, so I don't know where you're getting the $30,000 figure from.
as far as jobs go...
I was blessed with a job right out of school. The day after I sent my resume in, actually. I've been with the same company since. We are a union dive company based here in Illinois, and I was lucky to get in with them when I did. Now, it would be really difficult for someone right out of school to get a profitable job in the inland sector, based on the union situation (this is only regarding the midwest). Like I said, I was blessed, I was in the water right away, and have done a ton of different types of work. I have almost 350 dives and 19 days worth of bottom time, 90% of it in zero-vis. anyway, sorry for the rambling, but overall, the pickin's are slim for jobs inland, unless you're ok with making $10-15 an hour to risk your life. Offshore, well, we all know how wonderful things are down there right now...
i looked at the school and did not like it and i went to IDI in Charleston SC half the price with twice the dive time so check it out
My honest opinion is don't even go to dive school right now. Wait for a storm to hit the gulf again. S*** is slow right now. Try and find something else you wanna do.


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