hey guys! im new to the site an thought id ask yall a few questions. first, im thinking about going to school to become a commercial diver (ocean corp in houston tx) i choose ocean corp because 1. there one of the oldest schools on the gulf coast. 2. houston is my hometown. 3. not all that expensive (10k cheaper then commercial diveing academy) has anyone been to, graduated, or had experiance with ocean corp?? the guys there are nice an very helpful! my main concern is about 7 yrs ago i got in trouble with the law an received a felony for pcs less than a gram, i was told that if i could get a twic card i would be fine so i looked on the twic website an my charge was not on there! distrubtion an intent to distubute an importation was but not regular possession! i was 18 young an dumb lol but have by far learned my lesson an havent been in trouble since! got a family now an want to move on with my life an be a good father an husband! so can some one tell if i would be declined or not! thanks 

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Do your homework read thru all prior posts and spare us please. All the info pro and con is between the lines. When and if you ever chose to graduate from a commercial dive school come back to this site to post. Till then DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK AND READ THE PRIOR POSTS. Good rule of thumb is to keep your ears and eyes open and mouth shut and RTFP's. You now have all the information you need.Good luck with your choices. Over and out.

The market is flooded with wannabees.  Do your self and your family a favor.  Get a steady normal job like pulling cable or plumbing. 


It's getting really sad...these kids watch television and get all spun up. 


I was talking with a salvage master last week.  He said they hired a employment agency to fill a couple dozen spaces.   They got 10,000 apps!  Non of them qualified for the job.  


Any body can go to dive school.  They'll take you even if you can't pass a dive physical.  All they want is your money.  They will promise you all you want and more.


It's kind of like the dude who wants to be a rock star, so he buys a guitar and amp...still not a rock star.  Why?!?

I can tell you one thing you will not get a job any were they have background checks like NUKE plant and NAVY bases. There are lot's of MOM and POP companies that would let you work for them, I am talking in the U.S. not any were eels, out of the U.S. they might look at your record differently.

If thats what you want to do, go for it. I agree with Ace though. Dont spread the info freely. And above all be sure you can deal with pricks, d***s and clicks. No matter what you do in life wether its a  commercial diver or a bathrooom attendent in a titty bar..As long as your good at what you do youll be hired and worked. Good luck to ya and your new family.



thanks bro!


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