Capt. Charles Lindquist
Charles Lindquist, passed away this morning (Dec. 28) after a  year long battle with liver and kidney problems.  He is the last of the Lindquist divers.  His grandfather and his father were
both commercial divers.  His name is mentioned many times in Torrance Parker's book
(20,000  Jobs Under The Sea) and he is considered one of the  Pioneers of the California oil
field divers.  He passed away at his home in Florida.  We worked together and played together for many years.  Gods Speed and God bless you my friend.

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Chuck was a great diver and friend.

He has joined a great group of top hand divers sitting on the big pier telling stories.

Rest in peace my friend.

Capt. Chuck, Thank you for your presence and your many years of generous contrubutions to the commercial diving industry as well as the Historical Diving Society USA. Your presence is already missed. May you rest in Peace.

Ace Parnell

Lifetime Member

Historical Diving Society USA


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