Do offshore companies in the gulf still allow you to use bandmasks?

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I bet you're a LOT of fun at the drive thru windows FLYNN.

"Would you like to try one of our value meals today?"

"NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! You have a long way to go before asking me that. Im an all mighty deep sea diver and you WILL ASK ME HOW I AM DOING BEFORE YOU JUST OFF AND ASK IF I WANT A F***ING VALUE MEAL. Who the hell let you break out as window guy? Get back over to the french fries you f***ing red hat!

"Sir, this is Burger King, we wear hair nets not ha..."

"I dont give a damn if you are smarter than me. MY NAME IS FLYNN AND WHEN I S*** IT DOESNT STINK AND MY WHITES ACTUALLY GET WHITER! SO Dont give me lip you f***in fry guy. I was ordering value meals before you even had your first greasy zit!

"Um...ok duche bag, please pull forward to the second window."
Ethan you're a funny guy-reminds me of the kid who thru dogs*** straight up over his head, and was endlessly surprised went it hit him on the way down. Your feigned shock and outrage is however over the top. You are p*****g in the wind, Good luck in your endeavors, and improve your aim. **** Actually Flynn when I think about it closer to 150 yrs exp.***
Yea you do really have a way and long time to go before your a breakout diver. We all hear your growing pains so quit whining. You can not become a diver on cdiver you have to go out and pay your dues. Use your two ears for listening and your mouth only for eating. Go whining to the school that took all of your money.
Thanks, the answers are still pretty mixed right now but i think im going to focus more on getting more schooling instead of worrying about buying a hat. EMT and a few more welding certs prolly, seems like that will help me out the most right now.
Thanks for the positive info
I just asked a question and wanted to hear from a few different people there is no reason to get all wound up. I found my answer thanks to all that helped
I'M not like that at all, i have always had a very strong respect for my bosses and enjoy learning what the have to share. I just wanted more than one opinion on the question because any retard can talk s*** on this website i wanted to hear what the majority of people had to say.


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