Do offshore companies in the gulf still allow you to use bandmasks?

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Thanks for the info, reason i asked is because i found a kmb10 i can afford right now and thought it would be better to have that then nothing coming out of school? Does having all your own dive gear coming out of school really set you ahead any at all?
Getting your gear together ASAP is a good move. It tells everyone around you that you're serious about it. A KMB 10 is obsolete. For GOM diving, get a newer helmet. The 37, 57, or 77 will serve the user right. Start out with simple but important things. Bail out harness that fits you. Weight belt that fits you. A hat liner for your self so if/when you need to borrow a divers helmet, you don't foul his up. Good knives, carabiner, shackle breaker, rod pouch, bolt bag. Put some money aside out of every check for the hat you want. Most divers will let you use their hat, and you will like one style over the others. A hat is a good investment, if you buy used, you can usually get your money back out of it if you quit or get run off. Gorski doesn't do well on gas, most supers that I know won't let you dive gas with them. Millers are great for durability, but consume gas at a much higher rate. I've been in them all. The 57 is my favorite, but that's like arguing between Ford or Chevy.
BS Gorski breathes excellent on gas.
The Gorski free flows at higher pressures.
Learn how to use the rack DuH! Keep the abient psi 200 or under adjust it on the rack.
Refer to your USN dive manual. "optimum over bottom pressure is 165 psi" so at 250fsw x .445 + 165psi = 276psi. Now experience has taught me that you don't need to go that high, but at lower than 200, you'll be shorting the diver.
Optimum over bottom pressure is dependant on the regulator used on the diving helmet - not the USN diving manual.
Thank you Marty
i see that you mentioned good knives. Can u dive with knives offshore or do you have to use those cutters? We were told that most likely you cant dive with any knife bein a fixed or folding one
Some companies do not allow knives on deck, but will permit them in the water. A good sharp knife is your best friend in the water when dealing with a poly monster. I like the Spyderco H1 salts. The Big Chiefs quality has plundered, they break almost instantly...sad because I use to swear by them. The Brits favor Green River knives, a bit bulky in my opinion, but they wear fins on bottom too!?

Carry two knives when you dive, for you will break, dull, or lose one at the worst moment. Stay close to your knives and carabiners, they tend to walk away.
Thanks for the info i pretty much have everything i think i need except the hat, which is not really in the budget for me right now since im in school but, i guess i can keep my eye open and try to pick up a used one before i finish school
Thanks for the info on the gorski to that by far is my favorite hat i have dove so far but knowing that maybe ill just pick up a used Km i have been seeing a couple 17s go for around 2k which isn't bad at all


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