I do any paiddiving work with a real dive compressor that belongs to my company. I want to build a small dive compressor(like a brownie aqua-lung) just for f-ing around at home. Anyone have any input on this?

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Campbell Hasfield oil less , you can buy them for less then $300.00 with a 30 gal. vol.tank attached

120 volt electric , 125 psi @ 12cfm.

make good shallow water dive compressors. top quality construction and ASME code vol. tank.

Also for some thing like a brownie you can buy a pancake oil less compressor, light weight and also oil less.

check out Home Depot, Grainger etc. Sears.

These work great for yacht harbor boat cleaning jobs or quick mob. to a Tug to get line out of the prop.

Awsome thanks, I have a small oil-less comp. made by Husky. I guess if i flush the tank and dive hose with a simple green solution it would work.Thanks again>


Freds advice is great but my concern here is the fact you have to ask? Not Bashing just questioning. But for safety sakes get a new never used compressor prior to using it for breathing air. Do a air aniylis prior to breathing off of it. Make sure you have Not only suffinant cfm but as well the volume Most store bought comp dont have a check between the conp and tank. Using " Nail Gun" comp's on shallow/inland diving has been done for years But for gods sake make sure you cross the "T"s and dot the "I"s when you set your system up PM me and Ill be glad to give info on the how to's and dont's. But what ever you do make sure its safe and always have a bailout on your back!!
Thanks, I have built two pro comps, so i know the t's and I's. I just have had no experience with a "backyard compressor" so thats why I asked. I'm crazy not stupid. Thanks for the reply and I'll let you see what I come up with. Roger bailout.
WTF is padidiving work? Rookie worm!


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