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I have mold and some spare parts to build a Shippen Helmet.  Could be built as air hat or with regulator. More pictures of helmet are on my page.  Used this hat in GOM for 10 years before I went into offshore boat business(next 20 years).  Bilt this hat in 1966 when I was tending for George Swindell (Swindell Helmet).  Helmet is neutrally buoyant(1/8" sheet lead is sandwiched in fiberglass). Use spear gun rubber jock strap(light tension) to stabilize helmet.  Uses Desco exhaust. Uses sewer pipe "O" ring in neck dam that stretches over ridge in helmet(never came off-foolproof).  My hat has copper tubing at base but mold has built-in ridge at bottom of helmet.  Back then, three of my friends built helmets and one made the current mold that I have available.  Will give advice on building.  If anyone is interested let me know. 870-447-2603
I used a KM adjustable regulator on the helmet, but took it off and preferred the US Divers regulator. With the exhaust positioned where it is it was an easy breather.  Had to stretch the spring in the regulator so it would not free flow on deck when we were diving air at 200' and air was set at 185 psi. Also have mini bail out bottle available.  Back then none of the divers used bail out bottles even at 200'.
You will love it
Ed Shippen

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just pure awesome. We need a posting hall of fame around here :D
I saw Al Bennet with one of these hat years ago! I would diffenatly be intrested in getting one if nothing just to add to the collection!!
Chuck was that Al Bennet from Slidell ?
Yea me too it would be easier than my Swindell and the Russian one I have for walking the reefs out here.
I just came home from riding my motorcycle and was thinking of how it might be to convert or make over anew a bike helmet into a dive hat reminds me of the Savoie Wonder what it would cost to make a helmet like Ed's ?
Sure is the Al Bennet Hes back up north now so I here The last time I worked with him was back in 01/02 Hes gotta be in his late 70s now!
Thanks Chuck I have family in Slidell so I go byr his place there when I am in town. God here we are on this dumb computer and its just a drop dead day outside the water is so flat and clear I'm going diving. This nexr week I will be recieving 4 hookah floating units with dive flags, just put in a tank roll it down to the water or throw it in and go diving so easy I can hardly wait Chuck. That lighter hat of Ed's would be perfect for bottom walking.
ACE my new light weight helmet the FOLD N GO is just about ready to market.
two gallon clear plastic bag with flapper valve exhaust, water faucet air control.
360 view. hose clamp for seal at neck.
Perfect for your reef walking.
when yer done just fold up and stick in supplied fanny pack.
Oh s*** Morgans on the phone now, I think he wants to buy the rights.
Fred Hahahahahahahahah thats funny-thanks.
Most Generous Ed. Some of these hands on here without hats ought to take you up on it .Since Miller is probably finished. But wait we'll all have to go to you once a year for a 250.00 certification inspection...........

I'm presently working on a hat design.I would love to try and build this piece of Diving history too . Maybe I can even learn how to clear without that snotty piece of neoprene on a stick.
Blaine if the hat mfg says you can inspect & certify your own hat yourself in his maintenance manual then you can do it yourself.
Gorski hats do that in their maintenance manual.
Marty at Heavy metal most likely does too.
Wouldnt suprise me if Ed would too.
Ace What you say is very true! But whats his name has whos name covenced that he has to go to them and them have to go to those to get the people over there to tell them that you need a sticker from them in order to get they to cert your hat so YOU can go to work for company B that requires all your certs to come from them yet none of the above can show a big brother regulation stating the requirements as to who how where and when it has to be done and who is them!! But wiat the all chatch all is "we" can get those guys in florida to do as they know who "Them " is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
classic. funny. & sadly true.......Whose on first anyway
Chuck you have a valid point there I had never really considered it that way thanks for bringing that to all of our attention.
Maybe Dale might have a solution for that-what say you Dale ?


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