ANY JOP OPENINGS ANYWHERE. I am located in Louisiana. Just graduated commercial diving school.

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J & J called me a little it ago.  They asked if I was a tender!  I chuckled a little bit as I was wondering who's resume' they were looking at.  Any way, you might want to try them.

I hear Aqueous is making a big push right now. Good luck. Your in the right place..time to hit the pavement and get some face time with the guys that count! Online resumes DO NOT WORK! Gotta be in the office. Good luck.

Guess everybody is making a "big push" than?

not sure if everybody is, but I can say for sure that you need to sell yourself in person. Going to the source is going to give you a better chance at being hired. This is a great time of year to get into a company. I have been in the industry for just overt 3 years now, and I have noticed that the guys that are serious about working and getting hired, usually do. The ones that expect the jobs to fall into their laps are the 95% that we all see come and go. This is not an easy job to get, and definately not an easy job to keep. it takes alot of sacrifice and patience. you have to want it. Tending sucks and the work is far and between. If you wanna break out, you have to put your head down and forge ahead. your work ethic and drive really shows with how hard you  work to get that s***ty, low paying, under-appreciated job. The companies notice the ones that want to be noticed.


For sure Bishop!  I will say though, tending is not really low paying, unless you work for C Dive.  In my opinion, your 84 hour minimum work week, with 44 hours of OT is pretty good paying to me.  17-20 an hour, two grand a week, I don't know any other occupation where you can make as much as you can offshore.  Not that i'm saying anything that isn't already known... 

exactly. alot of these guys are holding out for the $25/hr jobs. Good luck in your career my friend. looks like it might shape up to be a pretty busy year.


25 an hour as a tender?  I thought 25 was usually diver 2?

thats what I mean.. some of these new guys go to school and then enter the field expecting to make the good green right away. takes time and dedication. you need to WANT to do this job first and the money will come to those who deserve it.


Thank you guys very much! I appreciate all the helpful feedback!


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