Hi Everyone:


It tears me up to have to post this but I was contacted by Laurie Gardner (Bill's sister) last night.  Bill passed away in August from a heart attack.  I am posting this, with her permission, so that all his friends here know what has ocurred.  I've also asked for a copy of the obituary and will post it, and any other information, when I get it.


Rest in peace Bill.  You were a wealth of knowledge and gave freely of that knowledge. Our conversations will be sorely missed.



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My deepest condolences to the Bill Gardner family. Bill will be truely missed and will be appreciated for his contributions and priceless advice. A day to dive is a day to chose and a day you don't is a day you lose Bill lead that kind of a life. May the good Lord bless your soul. Rest in peace Bill it was a honor to have known you.

To Everyone else who may read this please take a moment and look up Bills photo page-Bill lived a good divers life!

Here is the copy of the Obit. I've passed on the URL of this page to Laurie so she can read your comments as well. Thanks for the support guys.
That is really sad to hear, condolences to Bills family. I was starting to wonder because Bill hasnt posted in a while and he sent me a letter saying that he was having a bit of health issues, I was just about to write him and see whats going on. And then this sad news came in. RIP Bill and thanks for all the advice
Rest in peace Bill. My condolences to the family.
My sincere condolences to Bill's Family.

A good man, with a big heart willing to help anyone who asked.

Thanks for everything, you will be sadly missed.
My most sincere condolences to the Family.
RIP Bill , Sailing into the light,may you have fair winds and a following sea.
My Prayers and thoughts to Bills family. We have lost A mentor Friend And a great person he will be deeply missed God Bless

The Bonner Family

Oh Lord, let us experience
The closeness of you as
We exalt in the glories
Of the sea;
Permit the upward spiral
Of our bubbles to form
A silver pathway leading to heaven;
Let us share in peace
The vibrant beauty of
This waterworld with all
Creatures dwelling within;
Give us the wisdom not
To destroy but to observe
And study the birthplace
Of man;
Bring us safely to shore, Oh Lord
That we may tell others of
The wondrous world below.

Raymond V. Morrow
RIP Mr Gardner. Thanks for the wisdom and the willingness to tell it like it is.
Off on another adventure are ya now Billy.
Bill, your wit and wisdom will be sorely missed. RIP my friend.
My sympathies to Bill's family and friends. His knowledge, wit and willingness
to help others will be sorely missed.
Hi Everyone:

Laurie just sent me a scan of the funeral card so I'm posting it. Its an excellent picture of Bill.


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