Ok, I've been in Nome for 69 days. Only allowed 38 dives totaling about 50 hours. My former partner squandered all of our money, the owner seized the vessel rather than replace the partmer who screwed the pooch and left me here owed $47000.00 and no way back to Bama. Worse yet, they refused to up the bill money for my families expenses while i was up here chasing 20 year old Gold Ghosts that never existed.

This dredging thing is for families and friends. I never came for the Gold ( though I have raised about 10 oz. that the "Money Man / Expert Gold Miner claims never reached the surface) the locals have been great, but now it's time to teach these crooks what happens when you screw a Coon-Ass ( but It will be done legally)!. 

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The thieves ( including the old man, and primary investor )areall gone (criminal charges are pending not here but in Alabama!) they ran with all the gold, sold the dredge from under me but GOD is great! Found a Captain who appreciates the reasons I came here and got back in the saddle on a nugget grabber, no more speckles! 


So... what's the latest on this Jerry?


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