Ok, I've been in Nome for 69 days. Only allowed 38 dives totaling about 50 hours. My former partner squandered all of our money, the owner seized the vessel rather than replace the partmer who screwed the pooch and left me here owed $47000.00 and no way back to Bama. Worse yet, they refused to up the bill money for my families expenses while i was up here chasing 20 year old Gold Ghosts that never existed.

This dredging thing is for families and friends. I never came for the Gold ( though I have raised about 10 oz. that the "Money Man / Expert Gold Miner claims never reached the surface) the locals have been great, but now it's time to teach these crooks what happens when you screw a Coon-Ass ( but It will be done legally)!. 

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This sounds like an all around s*** time. I would just torch their houses. KIDDING NSA!!!!!

Hi Jerry real sorry to hear all of this. I remember the last time I worked in Alaska I too worked for some slick guys who made it all look good going in and turned out to be sleezy scammers I ended up having to pay my own way back home and they only paid me half of what I earned there. That really sucked.


It is sad to see happen but it does  .And all the time this morning before reading this I thought I had problems here in Thailand waking up with a head ach, and having to have had to pay bar fines to be able to leave the bar with my newly acquired girlfriend for the evening. It's educational and entertaining to see how creative people are and can be in getting you to separate with or keep you from receiving your cash. Enough, its a nice day here and its time to go to the beach and enjoy a drink and massage. Over and out   



The gold dredging gigs in Nome are b******* and if you were only allowed 38 dives out of 50 you should have split a LONG time ago. I'm curious about your "partner" owing you 47k? Was that your start up share ? Jesus, that's a lot of cash to start sucking up rocks man.

Ace, 80% of the lady boys in Bangkok are HIV positive. Just check the WHO site for stats and those "med cards" they got are b*******.

If there were to be a dime of profit made in gold dredging off of Nome, Global Diving & Salvage would have a crew, a barge and a massive suction dredge working 24/7. Instead what you get are some freelancers on a hookah rig fresh out of the Polar Bar with stage 3 Hep C and no money. Ask 99% of them what a Kirby Morgan is and they will tell you that Kirby Morgan is a rum drink made with squaw piss and paint thinner....

Good post JBB

JBB Yea good point thats why they aren't there allright. Hookah and helmet divers are worlds apart.


There are actually commercial divers here, and rather than Suction they are running Auger Dredges to limit the time a diver is under. It Surprises me with the amount that the dredgers are selling, that Global is not here. 

I came for wages and to learn about the people, being Native American local cultures interest me. 

The people are great, many have stepped in to assist me, however I'm no closer to getting home. 

Global is a commercial diving company not fly by night gold diggers. Trust me 99% of those idiots up there are NOT commercial divers but unemployed desperate out of work divers who either got fired, too many DUIs or just plain dumb. What you are doing Jerry is not commercial diving per se. Does the owner of the operation have all their s*** together, Union, Jones Act (for each diver), etc. etc. Commercial diving in Alaska is about offshore work, oil and gas and the Union. There is the 1% though in Nome that are just f***ing around for fun. 

There is a lot of dive work in Alaska for commercial divers IF one can pass the drug test. This is one caveat that keeps those monkeys in Nome holding a suction hose and working like dogs and can't pass the piss test, can't weld, can't burn, can't do s***.

The local culture ? Jesus just walk outside any one of those bars at 3 AM and you will get a taste of the Nome experience. Be careful, people disappear all the time in Nome.

If you are trapped in Nome I truly feel sorry for you. You are in the a****** of the world. The asspipe that owes you any money will never pay you. Did you get any gold at all ? If you did get any did they audit every ounce at the end of the day?

Ive been a commercial diver for over 30 years, this trip was to be an "Exploratory" adventure, You are correct in one aspect, Most of these guys are NOT commercial divers, they fall into the recreational class and consist of families out for fun and a few hoping to "Strike it Rich" ! We came here ( the impression I was under) to locate deposits that a "Driller" had located while the sea was frozen over. What he failed to tell us was that his data was over 20 years old. I sent plenty gold up the hose, my experience was what kept the project moving as long as it did. The old man refused to cleanup and refused to allow me to do it. Thats when the flags went up and I contacted the investors. When I forced cleanups I recovered over an ounce each time on the days my time was limited due to weather. Funny thing was after I contacted the investors, they sided with the old man. Thats when I got the labor dept involved. As for Front street, I dont drink anymore so the only time I go there is to have dinner with friends or to get my mail, I dont use drugs or abuse alcohol, so I usually have no problem finding work ( Im doing side work topside to get me and my gear home). Ive met alot of kind people in a community that has been ransacked by outsiders ( no different than in the lower 48 on the reservation communities). 

I dont worry about "Disappearing"  the cowards that did this are not locals and those locals that know them have turned their backs on them. First and foremost I am very capable and trained to prevent those types of situations ( I did not come here without defensive and offensive capabilities) and they are aware of my military and prior training.

I appreciate your sorrow for my current situation, My attornies are currently compiling criminal charges in Alabama and there are charges in process here as well I just have to raise the attorney fee. Both individuals have assets that can and will be seized they think they can just dump some one on the street and thats it, however both Alabama & Alaska have laws that criminalize this.

I have projects waiting at home and plan to return next year for a family dredging trip and enjoy it as it was intended to be.

Thanks again for your comments 

Alaska has strict maritime laws.  Go to the USCG office and file a complaint with stacks of doc**entation, logs, etc. If you worked on the vessel you were crew and that means that they are required to pay you no matter what. That is Federal maritime law. Forget the criminal s*** that will go nowhere fast and you still won't see a dime.

The investors sided with the old man because they wanted their gold Jerry.  They could care less about whether or not you cleaned up or not.  In fact they could care less if you fell over dead or any of their divers for that matter. That's working as a gold worker in that ass hat town of Nome Alaska. It is cut throat. BTW, just because you are a vet doesn't mean jack s*** to 99% of any dive company except the one you own or whatever.  You can stop with the priority hiring of vets on your requirements - it doesn't look professional (my own opinion)

That said thank you for serving - you're all heroes.

THanks JBB

lol ladyboys ?



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