Been diving this hat for about a year. I love this hat but am the only diver I know who dives it. Does anyone else dive it?

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Really cool looking, I've never seen it before
He makes afew different hats been around around 6 or 7 years I think.
The DSL B2 is the closest thing to a standard super light 27 and up. They do make a toilet seat style like the 17s but I have never seen one.
I will send a pic tomorro. She is at my shop tonight. Dont let the Pics on the internet fool you. She has a wierd looking shroud aroung the reg and side block area. These features are only thin fiberglass cover that protect them.handlesodial, steady, and bail out air are made of rigged pieces of hose. these hose pieces stick out of the shoudes. They are much easyer to turn then standard plastic knobs. I have never had a problem with her yet. She is a little light on my head and that took a little time to get used too.
i dove one about a year and a half back, it was real light from what i remember... i didnt like the way you cam it up but thats just my preference. all in all i liked it


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