some of the vids show the guys with she bailout upside down wondering what pros and cons are of up vs down

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Ethan your too new to even be on this post. Two ears for hearing one mouth for just eating. Us old school ones really don't want to see you embarrass yourself You have kids right ? Well Think of it like one of your kids trying to tell you something about real life and you with so much more life experience in life listening and thinking be quiet your not ready yet? Thats how you come off. Keep listening you will get there if you pay your dues. New Years love.
WOW!?!? Ethan has kids? Huh never knew LOL
yup, kidnapped em nice n legal like. :)
Dude... thats not funny :( Bad form, very poor joke.
lol, love it
Then why did you PM me saying it was funny? No hypocrisy please. :)
Post the PM, but you cant since I didnt...I dont advocate kidnapping. Its not funny.
At 1:32pm on January 5, 2010, Sarah said…I dont advocate kidnapping but I'll admit that almost made me smirk ;)
But I expect better jokes out of you in the future Ethan

It was a comment not a PM, my mistake, and natrually you deleted it from my page Sarah lol
Not worth wasting anyones time with this BS, Ethan... and funny you didnt post the above lie until after I erased every comment to and from you. How convienant! LMFAO
yes it is convienant that you post haste deleted all of your comments and removed me from her friend list. :) Sarah, you gotta do the cover up BEFORE you're exposed. Before

Hope you're having a great day though Sarah. Oh, How is Marylin?
Ace, a better analogy would be is Im the kid who has been paying attention and was standing behind Papa FLYNN's apron strings taunting the Euro trash by repeating what I'd learned. :) Dont stump my growth Uncle Ace. After all, "out of the mouth of babes...."
And theres the proof that inbreeding should be outlawed!!


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