some of the vids show the guys with she bailout upside down wondering what pros and cons are of up vs down

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Explains why some animals eat their own young too. LOL
So true Chuck.
A better one is for you to just listen and only use your mouth for eating only you dont have enough time in grade for anything but showing up at a job and doing what your told to.
LOL! too cute
Used a mini bailout bottle 40 years ago when almost no other divers I knew of were using bailout bottles. Left it off at the bottle to save air. Used to fill it up with helium mix and take home; my two boys had great fun. Liked having all my hoses in front for no snags. Bottle is aluminum 1800 psi. If anyone needs it, will sell it reasonable. Also have some wetsuit booties. Ed 870-447-2603
with it down, you can turn the valve with ease. never tried it up, but would think it's much harder to reach.
its a little more difficult for some people to reach a valve behind their heads vs one behind the small of their back. I prefer the bottle upside down, i.e. valve behind my lower back. It's a much more natural reach than fishing behind my worst blind spot if or when I get into trouble.
I may have responded too early though, it seems there are a variety of opinions on how to wear the bottle when I was trained to wear it valve downwards. Does anyone have any experience on diving a sl37 with the bailout down? and if so, do you keep the valve open or closed? I can see how Toby might be right about hoses popping or wearing down and losing your gas, but it goes against what I was trained, so someone with more experience than me should have a much more educated opinion......

Speaking of an educated opinion, Its obviously still difficult to form one as a european. Surprising when you face the reality of free govt-provided healthcare and education. Its made you soft, thinking you deserve what you have, when in reality, its all been handed to you. I can't speak for everyone here, but I know the America I grew up in made me work for what I have. Only the strong survive and it's through the fruit of their own labor. If you knew anything you'd know that Flynn, and just about every other GOM diver with any kind of experience practically has saltwater and crude in their veins, with maybe a little human blood for color. Is humility only a word in the US English language?
So some people are so proud that they dont realize there ingnorance. You guys saying the bottle MUST be up and are arguing this point sound like a bunch of old church ladies. tell me this how the hell are you going to reach the valve if you need to. Any diver with any REAL time in the water has had to use there bail out. Please dont argue about saftey checks and having tenders check or turn on your s***. those guys should NEVER touch any divers bottle unless he is cleaning it. Ohh well its your life you but in some greenis hand. with the hat on and the bottle off the first stage is pressurized by the hat and stays dry and guess what? you dont leak any of your very valuable, life saving air..........
shaune just have to say Amen to your post. But the fact that the reg/first stage is keep dry from the LP side supplied from the block (now mind you I do agree with off at the bottle on at the hat.) Is wrong and exspecialy if you use a dry air bleed style first stage IE Most newer Sherwoods If you have a O ring that dos not have back pressure on it between the valve and HP side of the stage its going flood whether there is presure on it from the LP side or not as the LP side cannot overcome the hp side setting IE seat and spring but as you desend the ambieant pressure can and there for flood the HP Side of stage as far as the bottle up down sideways horizonal remember this IT WILL ALLWAYS SUPPLY YOU GAS as Long as YOU the DIVER follow pre dive checks!!! NEVER RELY A TENDER OR ANYONE ELSE TO CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO A DIVE.
Good old Conshelf 14. Now that is a set over bottom style. Great reg. but I have had 2 H.P. seats blow on mine (maybe cause im bottle off hehehe). Great Stages though.

O.K. so I was navy trained. Still I agree with you 100% INOVATION INOVATION INOVATION the old ways are only a path way to new better ways we work and dive. We must always remember were it started and the ones who gave us our future. But remeber the future is ours now. MAKE IT HAPPEN

keep in mind in the Navy we had bottles up. like the euros do
You are right about the H.P. side of the variable volume style piston first stage being wet. However my only defense on that argument is before I dawn my harness I check my bottle. Now, my pressure gauge is a mini gauge installed on the H.P. side the size of standard H.P. plug. 99.9999% of the time this gauge always reads some pressure 'cause I open my bottle not only to check my pressure but also to load test my H.P. side and whip. Seen a few hoses blow up from H.P.leaks. If there is no pressure then I check the O ring. Please also keep in mind I work in pipes alot and have pondered this question 1000 X and feel that both have there posatives.................. But still having your bottle up right is, at the least a leap of faith you put in some hung over, no-nothing greenie. For those who do- Good luck with that


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