We're looking for some people to join us as Assistant Salvage Masters. Go to www.titansalvage.com and look under the careers section. Thanks.

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Mr Parnell,

You could never even come near being on my Team.

Wow Thats good to know.  

Hey for us this is great!

Now quit telling tales and drink more like Bev Morgan and Mike Carson, maybe when you three live in Zannadoo you are the real deal,but in our world you are just wannabes.


Question? If you were such a hot s*** Diver like Fred and you know everything,how come Fred never backs you up? I mean we actually know where Fred has been,yet you and the other two,well not so much.


Oh yea we checked Fred out also.

dan, tried emailing you but it came back to me....

In response to Mr. Towers:


I was simply letting the community know about our open job listings. I'm not part of the hiring/selection process. Just spreading the word....



Fair enough, we have issues as you know that are relevent and thats why I had asked. It was never a slam on you and or disparaging in any way, a group of us were haveing a meeting about what the future holds,performance,experience and such. My aplologies if you took it as any thing different.




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